Top 5 Best Camera Apps for Android | How to Pick the Best One?

Android phones can be the smartest device for your multimedia services to click pictures artistically. Numerous interesting camera apps focus on Android devices which are dexterous enough for easily creating pictures and images with ultimate inventiveness. How to pick the best one from the ocean of camera apps? This indeed seems a daunting task but this guide helps you choose one from Best Camera Apps for Android Smartphones.

5 Best Camera Apps in 2018 for Your Android Device:

Any camera app that you download must have the following features:

  • Zoom feature
  • HDR camera
  • Should be connected to social media platforms like Instagram

The best camera apps for Android available in the market are discussed in the section below.

Promising Camera Apps for Android Phones:

Android phones offer you seamless experience of transforming your clicked pictures through filtering, airbrushing and so on. If you find it tough to choose a suitable camera app for your Android phone then the following list is for you:

  • Beauty plus camera
  • Airbrush camera
  • BestMeselfie camera
  • YouCam Perfect camera
  • DSLR Zoom camera

Let us now look into the features of the above-stated camera apps.

Beauty Plus Camera:

Compatible with most of the devices, this one is from Meitu Technology which focuses solely on photography. Available in local languages, this app is meant for reinventing the photographs you have clicked. This app helps in performing the following functions:

  • Clears and smoothens the skin
  • Brightens up your eyes and removes dark circles
  • Whitens-up your teeth
  • Professional photo-editing tools perfect for redoing the photographs
  • Free tool

AirBrush Camera:

This one is again from Meitu Technology which helps you create the pictures like never before. Like the above free tool, Air Brush is equipped with brightening up and whitening up your teeth. It is for the filters and retouching features that you can fall in love with this app, so check for more:

  • Edit your selfie before clicking it which is a real-time editing feature
  • Redo any area of your picture by reshaping tool
  • For Bokeh effect, this tool is a perfect download
  • Filters to give a different look to your clicks

BestMe Selfie Camera:

For all the selfie lovers, this app offers you the best amongst all the camera apps for Android. BestMeselfie camera app is meant for editing your selfies in a more creative manner. You may be surprised to know that around 125 real-time filters will make it worth using. Give a new look to self-clicked pics through following features:

  • You can share your pics with hashtags on Instagram
  • Photo camera comes equipped with mirrors
  • Instagram also provides for blurring effect through this app
  • Tagging and stickers are better in many ways

This app also provides you some tips and tricks to improve the pictures that you have clicked.

YouCam Perfect Camera:

If you want to beautify your pics automatically, this app is truly matchless in terms of functioning and easy operability. The real time beauty camera feature helps in editing your pictures before clicking. In a single click, you can make every shot of yours close to flawless, which happens in just a moment of time.

What else do you find in YouCam Perfect camera?Have a look here:

  • Change the shape of your face
  • In a group photograph, you can edit every face
  • Make your own short videos by inserting pictures
  • With one-touch filter, you can change the way your face appears
  • Blurring is the USP of this app which lets you unveil newness in every shot you click

So mixing and matching varied filters for clicking pictures is something you can look forward to, with YouCam app.

DSLR Zoom Camera:

If you have a taste for zoomed pics, DSLR Zoom app does it with precision, best part being, this app never breaks up the pixels on pictures. So here is the multi-touch gesture which lets you click the pictures really well. Some of the famed DSLR Zoom camera features include:

  • Several focus modes
  • White balance
  • Specialized shots
  • HDR photo capturing
  • Zooming power with high precision

So, you have everything for turning your pictures perfect to be posted on social media sites of your choice. Glam up yourself through these Android apps meant for enhancing your camera functioning.

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