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DU Battery Saver Apk for android

There will be a counted few of people who are not troubled with the battery issues of their phone. There are battery hogging applications, battery that gets drained too soon or the phone getting over heated every time it is used even for a few minutes. The DU group has been working with all its dedication in providing a safe mobile experience to its users around the globe, an experience that is free of all the above mentioned issues related to the battery of most of the smart phones. The DU Battery saver apk is the result of such dedication of the group only.

The DU battery saver apk is an application that puts an end to all your battery troubles and what more, it is absolutely free as well!  The popular battery saving app already has over 400 million users around the globe who are using it to save the battery and help it last longer as well. There are some exciting features of the application that has made it every phone owner’s delight. Features like smart modes that help to pre-set the power management of battery, one touch controls and a healthy battery charger stage help to resolve several battery related issues and extend the life of battery as well. Here under we discuss why DU Battery Saver apk is a must have for the number of benefits it has.

DU Battery Saver Apk for android


Benefits of Using DU Battery Saver Apk for Android Devices:

  1. Features one-click optimization:

Once the application is downloaded on a phone, it instantly finds out the problems related to battery consumption and fixes them with a single click. The application also unlocks a number of settings that help to fine tune the energy savings that have been made with its usage.

  1. It has pre-set modes that help save energy:

The different modes or the power plans help a user to conserve energy and also enhance the performance of a phone. A particular plan can be activated by choosing one or customizing one by changing the settings of the power. The three basic plans that are generally available on electronic devices are:

  • Balanced
  • Power saver
  • High Performance

Apart from these, there are additional plans as well that save battery and enhance performance of a device. These are generally specific to the device, whether a phone or a laptop.

There are multiple power saving modes, the user can either choose one that fits their needs or customize one according to their unique requirements of energy usage.

  1. Monitors the use of battery and saves it:

The DU Battery Saver does not just sit in your phone; it monitors all the applications that are power hogging, even when they are not in use and also reminds the user about them. The application also educates the user about the power that will be saved and extended if they use the single tap saving function of the app. The application is also responsible for monitoring the power usage of all the applications that are being run on the phone and then list their details with the app manager. Apart from monitoring the battery, it also shows the current status of the battery and its usage.

DU Battery Saver Apk for android

  1. Cools the Phone:

Most of us using the smart phones face a common problem of the phone getting over heated while in use. The problem aggravates when even if a few minutes of usage overheats the device and makes it difficult to use. The basic reason behind this problem is the applications that are power hogging and CPU intensive. DU Battery Saver Apk comes with a cooling feature that works in an organized manner. It monitors all the applications, manages the ones that use a lot of power and also disables the ones that are CPU intensive to protect the hardware of the device.

  1. Has a smart charge feature:

The smart charge feature of the application is unlike the ones in other phones. It displays the status of charging in the real time and also helps to estimate the remaining time for charging accurately.

  1. Has a power saving widget that is convenient:

The application has a 4×1 widget whose basic function is to maximize the consumption of power and that too conveniently. This makes it very easy to manage functions like WI-FI, brightness, data and set the different power saving modes as well.

All said and done, the DU Battery Saver APK is one of the best application to conveniently protect your android phone against problems like battery hogging applications, poor charging and overheated phones or the device settings that are often overlooked and then result in influencing the battery life adversely. Use the application to keep your android phone working well and enhance the life of its battery as well.

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