Download Android Go Optimized Pixel Launcher without Rooting

Android go optimized pixel launcher

Along with Android Go , the platform for limited resource devices, Google introduced a series of applications optimized for operation in terminals with cut-off specifications. Most of them, not only reduced their size or memory consumption, but also had a positive effect on battery life, thanks to the lower overall consumption of resources.

Now, the same creator of the popular Pixel Launcher without the need for root, AmirZ , has created a variant of the launcher incorporated in Pixel devices , which takes advantage of the advantages and optimizations of Android Go , to offer a better performance in low-end terminals and mid-range.

Rootless Pixel Launcher receives Android Go optimizations :

From XDA-Developers , we are told that this optimized launcher has an interface similar to the Pixel Launcher, although there are some relevant changes that reduce both the weight and consumption of system resources. For example, the grid of icons on the screen is kept in 4 × 4 , without possibility of being modified, and it is not possible to use widgets on the home screen, or notification dots – notices about the apps that were introduced in Android 8.

Android go optimized pixel launcher

In the settings of the launcher, however, there have been added options such as the ability to add the widget at a glance , included in the Pixel 2, in addition to the modification of the shape of the icons or the rotation of the screen. We will also find support for third-party icon packages .

According to the first tests, the differences in terms of resource consumption are more than remarkable when compared to the traditional Pixel Launcher – around 100 MB of RAM difference. Therefore, it can be a good option for all those who use a terminal not too powerful, or in which the passage of time and the lack of RAM have made a dent. In order to download the application, you must access the GitHub repository , where the executable file of the launcher is hosted.

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