Bcmon APK Download V1.0 For Android Phones for Free

Bcmon apk download for android

Bcmon App is an Android application that allows the user to attain monitor mode on their Android smartphone. A monitor mode enables a computer with a wireless network and is applied to the wireless networks that are acting as an access point on it.

There is a lot of information available online about the monitor mode and it is recommended that you get complete information about it before you choose to download a Bcmon Apk file. Another important thing to bring to notice here is that the Bcmon Apk file supports only those smartphones that are rooted.

Bcmon APK Download V1.0 For Android Phone:

So just in case you wish to download the Bcmon Apk file and your Android device (smartphone) is still unrooted, the first thing you will need to do is to root your device using some of the best rooting applications available. There are several rooting applications available online that are popular for being single click root tools and are extremely easy to use. Framaroot or Towelroot are two rooting applications that can be a good choice as they are very easy to use.

Bcmon APK download

How to Download and Install Bcmon APK for Android:

While there are several methods of downloading and installing Bcmon, we give you the following steps that are the easiest for the purpose:

Step 1

Download the Bcmon Apk file from one of the genuine links provided on several websites online and wait for the download to complete.

Step 2

After the file is downloaded completely, click on the button provided for installation to start the installation process on your Android device.

Step 3

In case the installation process is unable to complete and shows an error, cancel the process and enable ‘All unknown sources’ option on your device.

Step 4

Go to the settings> enable ‘All unknown sources’ and try to install the APK file once again.

Step 5

With this step, you will be able to complete the download of the Bcmon Apk file on your device.


What is Reaver?

To be able to use Bcmon app, Reaver is extremely important. The Reaver Apk file is a complete guide for Android smartphones that feature a monitor mode. Following are some of its features:

  • It helps to activate and deactivate the monitor mode automatically whenever required.
  • It has external script support.
  • All the settings of a Reaver are easily accessible from a GUI that is extremely simple to use.
  • The WPS enabled routers are automatically detected with it.
  • In case the Reaver finds the WAP key, this provides a simple way to connect to it.

Steps to download and install Reaver Apk File or RFA for Android:

The process of downloading and installing the Reaver Apk file or RFA is simple and involves just a few steps. They are as follows:

Bcmon apk download for android

Step 1

Download the Reaver Apk file or RFA from a genuine link that you will find on websites online.

Step 2

Never disrupt the process of downloading until is completely done.

Step 3

When the download of the apk file is completed, click on the installation button to initiate the process of installation of the apk file.

Step 4

In case you see an error in the installation process, make changes in the settings. Go to Settings> Enable All unknown sources and try to install it again.

Step 5

With this, the Apk file of the Reaver will download automatically on the Android device.

Step 6

After the download, install it on the android phone.

Is Bcmon Apk safe?

The Bcmon App is absolutely safe and secure to be used by an Android device. While using the app, the user needs not to worry about any kind of malware, spyware etc damaging their device. The application is one of the safest methods to get monitor mode on any Android device.


The Bcmon Apk file is a normal apk file that can be easily downloaded as well installed on the Android smartphone of the user. It is also compatible with all the versions of Android. Apart from the other mentioned ways, there are other ways to download and install the Apk file of Bcmon as well.

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